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Poems: 1 - Adaptation of “To His Coy Mistress"

Had he but world conducive, and digits to infinity
 This gallantry, guy, would be contemporary
 They would settle down to sip full five tray
 To drive, and traverse their numbered meets-a-day
 His Mona Lisa loitering by Amona side
 Would prawns and cheese find; while he downside
 Of Ganga trudges along. He would
 Die for each fraction of moment, he should.
 And she will because she never wills,
 Reject and deny until she breathes still.
 His vulnerable love should outreach
 Larger than her petty inhibition preach.
 An age would pass for her to hear praise normal
 Her forehead sunk in gaze limited to ties only filial.
 His hundred moments for a moment's fictitious cleavage
 A few thousand occasions lost for him to be at that anchorage.
 A minute foregone for describing other vital part
 The last breath per chance meets her heart.
 He would for certain love her in all state
 whatsoever low she considers his rate.

Following her always he hears
Time infinite counting at her doors
 And beyond spreads hoary vast
The unsaid stories of her untold past

Her story shall be told never, never
Even the sacred fire will deny to hear
His opaque passions will turn to dust
Her pro-genies will justify killing lust
Her honour will fall out of her hard crust
Unable to embrace my forbidden woes to her breast
In after-life Hindoos all love the hated son
But she will always cherish her loved one

 Poems: 2 - Rain by Amona

Lady splashing through rains
Ankles cutting edges of pure aqua.

Keats Shelley Byron in a hand
Hydesign genuine leather shouldered.

To what unknown destination
In what forlorn land wade these shapely feet.

For whom she renders melodies
Agamemnon turns deaf ears.

Neither Paris with nimble limbs can abduct trendy Helen 
Galloped fast across the Amona bridge.

On the other bank lays city idle
Rushed and swapped on green counter

Huddled in Hydesign cheese and prawns
Winked Shelley at Byron's romance

Poet dreamed how Helen rings anklets 
While post-modern Juliet just complies


Volume :4 Issue :2 December 2011

                                                                                 Kisan Veer mahavidyalaya, Wai


Selection from Ghalib 

Translation of Ghalib’s Gazals from

Urdu into English

(Dil-e-Nadaan tujhe hua kya hai
Akhir is dard ki dawa kya hai?)

Oh my naïve heart, what has befallen to you?
After all, what is the remedy for this pain?

(Hum hain mushtaq aur woh bezar)
I am impatient and my beloved is weary.
(Ya ilahi ye majra kya hai?)
Oh! God what is the matter out here?

(Main bhi muh mein zuban rakhta hun)
I too have a tongue in my mouth
(Kash pucho ke mudua kya hai)
May I know what the matter is?

(Jab ke tujh bin nahi koi maujud) 
When there is no one besides you here

(in this world)
(Phir ye hangama ai khuda kya hai?)
Then oh God! what is all this commotion?

(Ye pari chehra log kaise hain)
What are these angelic faced people like?
(Gumza woh ishwa woh ada kya hai)
What are all the airs and graces about?

(Shikan julfe unbaren kyon hai)
Why is this fragrant coiled curl created?
(Niga chasham surma sa kya hai)
What is the meaning of the glance of the eyes lined with Kohl?

(Subaza woh gul kahan se aaye hain)
Where from have this beautiful flora and greenery originated?
(Abbar kya cheez hai hawa kya hai)
What is this cloud and what the wind is?

(Ham ko inse wafa ki hai umeed)
I have hopes of faithfulness from her
(Jo nahi jante wafa kya hai)
Who knows not what faithfulness is.

(Han bhala kar tera bhala hogaa)
Yes, (they say) ‘do good and good will come to you’
(Aur durwesh ki sada kya hai)
This is what the mendicant always says.

(Jaan tumpar nisar karta hun)
I would give my life for you
(Mein nahi janta dua kya hai)
I know not what the prayer is

(Maine mana ke kuch nahi Ghalib)
I admit that it is nothing “Ghalib”
(Muft hath aaye to bura kya hai?)
What is bad if it comes to hand gratis?

Volume:6 Issue :1 December 2011


Head Dept.of English

Kisan Veer Mahavidyalaya, Wai

U E S Mahila Mahavidyalaya,

141/A Sidheshwar Peth,

Solapur, Maharashtra.

Ms Nikhat M Shaikh,

Head, Department of English



-Manohar Mouli Biswas

Translated from Bangle by Jaydeep Sarangi

At the age of twenty four
She gun fired all
Against humiliation.
Her iron determination registered
Oh! Phoolan, you have come from
The lowest caste
From a marginalised village.
Oppressors of women, be aware of it—
She resists at some points;
Every woman is a Phoolan in spirit.



-Manohar Mouli Biswas

Translated from Bangle by Jaydeep Sarangi


My familiar faces

Lost counting how many times have I have seen their faces

In tattered attire.

Barefooted or wearing slippers

A flag on left shoulder and from right side

Clenched palm of the hand addressed to the sky .

You can be pierced to death by the kissing of a bullet.

My comrades, will you do this?

With Invincible courage if we are to break any barricade

Breaking this wall , will go forward.

Remember you all, never utter words:

Brahmanism, Dalit and Ambedkar

Keep these words in mind

These are not acceptable by the high caste in India:

Socialism of the untouchable classes

Those trapped somewhere , no need to dream for emancipation again.


- Nilotpal Ray




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