Dear Scholars,
I express deep sense of apology for the second delay in the publication of December, 2017 and June, 2018 issue of the journal. There are number of things in our life that are beyond our control. Teaching literature and living our life have both become a serious challenge in the post-modern world. As our esteemed Editor rightly pin-points in his poem ‘Two Minute Silence’ values have given way to greed and selfishness. Despite this, all of us, teachers, scholars, writers of literature must never lose our strong self esteem and must ‘take an arms with a sea of struggle’.

The issues will have a combined Index. Articles, Reviews will be added slowly and gradually. Review of the English Translation of the Urdu work by Dr Sarwar Hussein will be included in a short time.

I am extremely grateful to Dr C. L. Khatri, the Chief Editor, has nominated me as the Executive Editor of the most eminent journal, the original journal of this online journal, Cyber Literature.

Opinions and views of readers and scholars are welcome.

Dr. R. Y. Shinde
 5th May, 2018





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